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AA 0.5 - Merrick's Stalker by simpleCOMICS

it made me laugh. and not only that it made me look behind me to make sure i wasn't being stalked. it is like the perfect blend of funny and talent you kept a background the entire time in alot of comics there is nothing in the back except maybe white space. it looks amazing and from what i see ( this is the only comic of yours i read because i got a message asking me to critique it) i want more. i want to read every comic and stalk you like no one ever stalked before. in all honestly it is amazing maybe one of the best comics i have seen pop up in my feed. not trying to be favoritism but i look forward to every future comic and reading or looking at every old comic that has been made. the characters look amazing i mean yeah they are balls or blobs but hey they all have their own unique look and color it kinda reminds me of an old cartoon i once watched. I love it especially how without using mouth or hand gestures you can understand what their feeling just by looking at their eyes. it is really hard to write one hundred words so if i seem like im rambling i am really sorry.
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simpleCOMICS Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Awesome! Thanks for the critique! :D
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